About Orders from Overseas

How to place your order

Please select your language from the menu bar(1).

Please select the specifications for your item from (2) "customization" on the detail page of the item.

※About ring size: if you order a ring, please indicate a size in the Japanese standard ring size by referring to the size chart.
Size Chart

Please choose the quantity of items you wish to order(3).
Please check the price and click “Add to shopping cart”(4).

Review the items in your shopping cart

Please make sure that the design, specifications and price (tax included) of your item are in the cart again(5).

If all of the information is correct, please click “to purchase”.

※At this point, the price including tax appears. After customers proceed to order, we will email the price excluding the tax but adding the shipping fees.

K.uno member registration

If you have not registered as a member of K.uno, please click (6) “To purchase, not registered as a member”.

If you have already registered as a member of K.uno, please enter your email address(7) and password(8).

Enter your personal information

Please enter your personal information.

(9) Your last name (please enter title) and your first name. Please do not place a space between them.
As in (10), please enter Japanese Hiragana for each of them by doing copy and paste the following Hiragana: “あああ” .

※If the shipping address is different from the address of the purchaser, please enter the shipping information in the following free space(25).

(11) Japanese post code: As in the picture, please enter “000-0000”.
(12) Japanese prefecture: Please choose one.
(13) Please enter your address and post code.

(14) Please enter your phone number. ※If your phone number is over 12 digits, enter “0-0-0” here and indicate the correct phone number in the free space(25).
(15) Please enter your email address.
(16) is the space to make sure your email address is correct. Please enter your email address again.
(17) Please select your gender. Left: Male; Right: Female
(18) Please enter your date of birth (if you don't mind).
(19) Please check whether you want DM or not. Left: Want to receive the DM Right: Do not want to receive the DM. ※Please note that all direct email is only in Japanese.

(20) Please leave (20) blank.

Please click “next" if you complete all of the items so far.

Payment and shipping

(21) Carrier: Although there is no choice except for “Yamato Transport”, we use FedEx International Economy service for shipping overseas.

(22) Payment method: Please select “Bank transfer” here. As only credit card payment is available for overseas customers, we will email the URL for payment by credit card later.

(23) Delivery date: You cannot designate a delivery date for overseas shipping. Please leave this blank.
(24) Gift wrapping: You can choose wrapping with ribbon for your item for free. Moreover, if you order an engagement and/or wedding item, you may want to choose “kiribako” (i.e. Paulownia box), the traditional Japanese ring case for bridal items. Please select one from the three options.

(25) Comments, inquiry and/or request: You can write comments here. Please let us know if you have the date of use and/or if you have any questions.
Please indicate your telephone number if it is over 12 digits.
In addition, please indicate the recipient information including the name, telephone number, shipping address and post code if different from the purchaser information in (9) to (14).

Please click “advance” when you complete all of the required items.

Review and confirm your order details

Please make sure all of the items you chose are correct, especially your name, shipping address, post code and phone number. If you need to make corrections, please click ”back”. After reviewing all of the items, please click “completing your order page”.

Finish your order process

When you finish entering required information, you will receive an automatic email from K.uno Online Shop

Please understand that the price appears including tax. We will later send you the price excluding the tax and adding the shipping fee and the URL where you process the payment by credit card. At this point, your order is not completed yet. After finishing your payment, your order is completely finished.

Order acknowledgement and payment

We will send a personalized email within 7 business days from the K.uno online shop to confirm your order and give you the URL to process the payment.

We will indicate the items below based on your enter information:

(a) Item details
(b) The price (excluding tax), shipping fees, and the total amount we require.
(c) Estimated shipping date
(d) Other: Answering your requests, inquiries, and so forth

If you accept the total amount and estimated shipping date, please process the payment from the URL we provided.
After we confirm your payment, we will send an email confirming completion of your order.