Precautions for Wear

  1. Some wearers may experience itching or rashes. If you experience any skin abnormality, please stop wearing the product, and speak to a medical specialist.
  2. Please remove jewelry when carrying out intense work or sports, or when sleeping or providing care for an infant, in order to avoid any physical harm.
  3. The use of jewelry such as piercings in a hot place such as a sauna, or cold places such as a ski resort, can cause burns or frostbite. Please do not wear these products under such conditions.
  4. Please store the product carefully to prevent accidents or injuries to infants and pets.
  5. Please do not wear jewelry when bathing in a hot spring, etc. as this may cause discoloration due to oxidization and/or sulfurization.
  6. These products are made one-by-one by artisans. As such, details may differ from photos and design drawings.
  7. Depending on the design, there may be sharp tip which can cause harm to people or damage things.Additionally, necklaces can cause unexpected accidents when they become caught on clothing, etc. Please take due care.
  8. In addition to the precautions specified above, if the conventional usage, storage and handling of jewelry is not followed, and/or a customer is negligent, then even if product damage, loss or injury, etc. leads to damages, our company cannot take any responsibility. Please beware.