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About us

K.UNO was founded in 1981 and has grown into the largest custom-made jewelry company in Japan. Since starting the business, K.UNO has developed its system, which is unique and consistent, to offer design, production and sales to meet a variety of needs and requests from customers. With artisanal craftsmanship of Japanese craftspersons with dexterous skills, their diligent work and expertise have created the finest Japanese pieces that are calculated to embrace beauty and wear comfortably.
From a large number of design collections to semi- and full-custom made designs, do-it-yourself service, remake and repair, K.UNO offers a great variety of services for customers. Please enjoy our skillful services and superior work at K.UNO.


Japanese aesthetics and K.UNO designs

The designs of K.UNO are rooted in respect for nature: strength, gentleness and beauty.
Japanese ukiyo-e, which played a significant role in the development of Art Nouveau, expresses the magnificence and beauty of nature as art and has great impacts on western countries. Such a high sense of aesthetics and exquisiteness and unique culture are rooted in Japan.

Designer and Custom-made

More than 50 designers pursue their crafts at K.UNO. They offer an enormous variety of designs to meet customers' requests. Consulting with customers diligently and drawing designs right in front of the customers, they produce more than 40,000 designs each year. K.UNO designs are drawn from each customer's unique concepts and thoughts and given shape by the designers.

Japanese aesthetics and K.UNO designs

One hundred and fifty craftspersons with expert craftsmanship

For over 40 years, K.UNO has produced a variety of custom-designed jewelry. Corresponding to the requests of Japanese customers with high standards, both appreciation for traditional techniques and innovative technologies come alive at the atelier.
To meet our customers’requests, all facets of jewelry making are conducted at our atelier in Japan by Japanese craftspersons with dexterous skills. Currently more than 180 craftspersons, the largest in number in Japan, strive to make special pieces for customers. Because we want our customers to wear our pieces of jewelry for a lifetime, most of our shops are attached to small ateliers and are able to offer repolishing, resizing and checking gemstones that are fee free and warranted for lifetime. Both the quality of high jewelry making and consideration for customers are qualities of K.UNO artisanship.

One hundred and fifty craftspersons with expert craftsmanship


You can make your own ring with the attentive support of our experienced craftspersons. With appointments more than a week in advance, customers can finish the ring and take it home the same day.
What about making a piece of jewelry during your stay in Japan?
The piece of jewelry will be special with lasting memories.

■Precious metal plan (Ring only)
Platinum: 161,700 JPY and over; 18k gold: 135,300 JPY and over (price for a pair)
■Silver plan
Ring: 13,200 JPY and over; Pendant: 14,300 JPY and over (including the price of a necklace chain); Bracelet: 16,500 JPY and over (price for an item)

Important note:
- An appointment must be required more than one week in advance.
- Do-it-Yourself service is offered in limited outlets.
- Customers can finish and receive jewelry pieces in a day only when the course is either the precious metal or silver plan.
- Depending on a plan and/or a design, a jewelry piece may not be finished on the day of visit.
- For service in non-Japanese language, we use translation software and also supportive body language for smooth communication.
- The information above is as of January, 2020.

Mokume Gane Tsuchime

From Left: Mokume Gane ring, Tsuchime ring and simple court ring.

Turn your bond with your pet into something tangible

"I want something that makes me always feel close to my special pet."
"Thank you for everything up to now. I want something to remember you by …”

Using those adorable gestures and your memories of precious moments as hints, the designer will listen carefully to you and propose any number of design drawings.
(Design proposals and estimates are free of charge)

About 150 craftspersons skilled in both traditional techniques and the latest technology will lovingly and carefully create each work using the skills developed through many years of custom orders.

pet-jewerly01 pet-jewerly02

Tax-free shop

We can offer tax-free at the following shops:
Sapporo , Shinjuku , Ginza honten , Ginza Bridal Gallery , Omotesando , Yokohama Motomachi , Sakae , Umeda , Shinsaibashi , Kyoto , Fukuoka , Okinawa Omoromachi

Shipping of Disney products are limited for Japan domestic and Taiwan only.
(There are some Disney products that we do not ship out to Taiwan.)

How to Order a Custom Design Item Online

[Customer] Contact us through the inquiry form or email

Some products may have a possibility that we only accept to take order at our physical store in Japan.
Please provide us with the following information about your request:
■Desired delivery country(USA,Australia,Hong Kong,Thailand etc.)
■Item (ring, necklace, earring, bracelet etc.)
■Details of your design requests
■Product URL and/or picture of the interesting item
■Ring size in Japanese standard measurement (for ring orders)
■Price range
■Preferred date of delivery
■Any inquiries and/or requests

[Customer] Contact us through the inquiry form or email1 [Customer] Contact us through the inquiry form or email2

[K.UNO] Discuss your design

We will offer some designs on the bulletin board. Please give us feedback for the drawings and let us discuss your item(s). If you find one that you like, we will prepare a quotation. Any questions should be clarified here.
Please send messages from the box at (1) in the picture.

[K.UNO] Discuss your design

[K.UNO] Order and payments

When the details are fixed and you are fine with them, we will email you with a personalized order acknowledgement including the total amount with the tax-free price, shipping fees and delivery date. (Please note that we set the shipping fees for each area.)
Please make sure that all of the information is correct.
Please access the URL in the order acknowledgement email and make the payment by credit card.
We ask that you pay 50% of the total price as a deposit.

With the confirmation of your payment, we acknowledge that you have formally ordered and will email you.

[K.UNO] Order and payments1 [K.UNO] Order and payments2

For custom designed jewelry, it will take approximately two – four months , depending on the design. Please contact us well in advance.

[K.UNO] Create the wax prototype

Our artisans create each wax prototype individually.
It takes approximately four – eight weeks to create a prototype.
Please note that the time to create the prototype will be different, depending on the design.

[K.UNO] Create the wax prototype

[Customer] Check the pictures of your prototype

As in image (2), we will send some pictures of your wax prototype for you to check. If there is anything about which you are concerned, please feel free to let us know on the bulletin board.
When you approve the prototype, please make payment for the remaining balance.

[Customer] Check the pictures of your prototype

[K.UNO] Item preparation and shipping

When your item is finished and it is ready to ship, you will be notified by email with a tracking number. It takes approximately four – eight weeks to finish your item after the prototype is approved. We pack your item gently and firmly to avoid any damage to your piece during shipping.

[K.UNO] Item preparation and shipping

※For purchasing the original model, please contact us with the answers to the following questions:
1) Product URL
2) Material (Platinum, yellow gold/pink gold/white gold or silver)
3) Ring size in Japanese standard measurement (for ring orders)
4) Shipping destination
5) Price range
6) Preferred date of delivery
7) Any inquiries and/or requests


Except for some areas, overseas delivery is available. (EU member states, UK, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway cannot be delivered)
Please understand that delivery may not be possible depending on the country or region.
In addition, please note that fees related to shipping, such as shipping fees, customs duties and other taxes, must be paid by the customer.
For details on delivery, please see the following:
• Carrier and Service: FedEx International Priority® Service
• Shipping fee: Flat shipping rate depending on the area
※Shipping of Disney products are limited for Japan domestic and Taiwan only.
(There are some Disney products that we do not ship out to Taiwan.)

Destination Shipping fee
Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao 9,700 JPY
Singapore, Philippines, Thailand 10,600 JPY
Australia, New Zealand 12,600 JPY
USA 13,100 JPY

※Please ask us about shipping fee if the destination country is not mentioned at above chart.
※Please note that if a larger box is required for shipping due to the quantity of and/or the product/box size of your order, the fee will differ from the above.
※When the shipping address is subject to FedEx out of delivery area, an extra fee may be added.

• Delivery days: Within the 2 - 3 listed business days for FedEx
※ Some delays may occur due to flight and/or custom clearance.


We accept credit card payment only (VISA, Master, JCB or AMEX).

Cancellation and Return Policy

Returns and Cancellation
・We accept exchanges or repairs only when faulty or wrong products are delivered and when we are informed by email within one week after the items are delivered. No other reasons except faulty or wrong products are acceptable.
・Regardless of product types including ready-made, custom-made or custom-designed, we offer repair or exchange only. We do not accept order cancellations or refunds for any items.
・All products should be in the original condition and unused.
・Please note that we may ask you for photos of the delivered products to confirm your request.
・In terms of customized items including additional engraving and gemstone options and so forth, changes in design and/or specification after order confirmation may be accepted with an handling charge. Please note that there may be a case when we cannot accept any changes due to the progress of the product at the time of contact. Please contact us for details.

Resizing and After-Sales Service
・For K.UNO products, we offer fee-free after sales services including resizing repolishing, checking gemstones and repairing deformed rings when customers can come to and pick up the item at one of our shops in Japan. Fee free resizing is only applicable to the case when the customer DOES NOT CHANGE the finger to wear and no large change in size is requested. When he/she changes the finger and/or a large change in size is requested, we will charge a resizing fee. Please note that, when a large change in size is requested, we may not be able to meet your resizing request due to physical and/or technical reasons.
・Please also note that there are products that some fees will be required or that we are not able to resize due to the design features.
・K.UNO products are eligible for such services.
・When you consider visiting one of shops in Japan for repair, please do so. Yet, please kindly note:
- You should be able to come to and pick up the item at one of our shops in Japan. Please make a reservation for an English speaker well in advance via the reservation form.
- Repair requires specific time for each design. We may not be able to repair an item during your stay. Please understand and consult with store clerks for detailed information. When repair cannot be finished during your stay in Japan, international shipping is the option. Please note that, in this case, the shipping fee, custom duty and its related fee should be paid by the customer.
・Please note that we do NOT accept repair requests including resizing by overseas shipping in order to avoid loss and/or damage in transit. Please consult with a local jewelry store.
・Please be responsible for the size you choose. To avoid resizing, please choose a ring size in a Japanese standard size. Ring sizes vary in each country. Prior to ordering, please check the inner circumference and diameter of your ring size, and choose a size from the size chart. For accurate inner circumference and diameter information, we recommend that you would consult with a local jewelry shop.

Size Chart

Precautions for Wear

Please read the precautions for wear before ordering.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the inquiry form.

Some products may have a possibility that we only accept to take order at our physical store in Japan.
To request custom designed jewelry, please contact us with your answers to the following questions:

1) Desired delivery country(USA,Australia,Hong Kong,Thailand etc.)
2) Item (ring, necklace, earring, bracelet etc.)
3) Details of your design requests
4) Ring size in Japanese standard measurement (for ring orders)
5) Product URL and/or picture of the interesting item
6) Price range
7) Preferred date of delivery
8) Any inquiries and/or requests

Please note:
Due to a limited number of staff who can communicate in English, we are sorry that our reply may be delayed.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.
If there is any particular date that you would like to receive an item from us, please let us know the date with the details of the item; we will do our best to meet your request.
Your understanding and patience will be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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