Website Terms of Service

A. Application of these terms

These terms are defined regarding the usage of Online Shop, which has been provided on this website (hereinafter, “this site”) by K-uno, Co. Ltd. (hereinafter, “our company”). Customers using this service (hereinafter, “users”) will comply with that which is defined in these terms, as well as applicable laws and regulations.

Additionally, when users make use of this service, it will be considered that these terms have been agreed to. Detailed provisions and terms of use (as posted by our company on this site) are also deemed to constitute a part of this provision, and apply to the provision/use of this service.

B. Modifications to these terms

In the event of modified laws/regulations or guidance received from regulatory agencies, or if our company deems it necessary, then these terms can be modified without obtaining user consent at any time. If this occurs, the user will be using this service in compliance with the modified terms.

C. Registration & deletion of users

When a user registers with the intention using this service, they will be able to use the services which our company provides on this site, in addition to or related to this service. Excluding the circumstances detailed below, our company will approve applications from people wishing to use the service.

・Applicant for registration has previously had their user registration terminated or incurred suchlike penalty, based upon these terms
・False information is included in the user registration
・Other circumstances in which our company decides that it would be inappropriate to approve an application for registration

D. Username & password

Our company will issue a username and password to users who have completed user registration as per the specified procedure (hereinafter, “registered users”). Regarding the username and password management process:

・The ID and password will be as per the user registration.
・All responsibility for managing the ID and password lies with the registered user.
・Registered users must not let third parties use their ID and password for any purpose.
・If our company has confirmed a registered user’s identity via their ID & password, then even if a third party has used their identity, it will be deemed that it was the registered user.
・Our company takes no responsibility in the event that a registered user experiences loss of usage or ID & password, or a third party uses the ID or password, leading to damages incurred by the registered user.

E. Usage fees, etc.

It is free to register for this service, and to use this service. However, when using this service, users may bear costs (as specified by our company on this site) for items purchased from our company, shipping fees, consumption tax, etc.

F. Handling of personal information

Our company recognizes that users trust us to handle their personal information with the utmost of care. We pay close attention to respect for privacy and protection of personal information, and we comply with the laws and regulations concerning personal information & the protection thereof.

We only use the personal information of users within the scope of the following objectives.
We do not disclose this information to third parties without information.


・Managing ordered items, making contact regarding ordered items, payment or delivery
・Advising users of information regarding this service or other products/services offered by our company, via webpages, e-mails, etc.
・Gaining feedback about this service or our company’s other products/services, via webpages, e-mails, etc.
・Service improvements.
・Other objectives to which a registered user has consented.

G. Usage suspension and user registration termination of users of this service

If any of the following applies to a user, our company can terminate usage of this service, or cancel user registration, without prior notification. Additionally, if any of the following occur and cause our company to incur damages, then we will be able to claim for damages compensation.

・If a user is found to have violated these terms in the past, and it is deemed that they have received a penalty such as deletion of registration.
・If debt payment to our company is delayed, or other default occurs.
・If any of the acts specified in I. Prohibitions occurs.
・Other acts which violate these terms or significantly violate the purpose of these terms.

H. Prohibitions

When using this service, users must not perform the following acts.

・Applying with false information when registering as a user.
・Transferring rights owned by users to a third party, or allowing a third party to exercise these rights.
・Using another person’s username or password illegitimately.
・Allowing a third party to use their username or password.
・Illegitimate usage of a credit card when using this service.
・Acts which contravene public order & morals, violate laws, are connected with crime, or which carry the risk of amounting to these.
・Acts that infringe upon copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights, abusive/slanderous acts or other acts of defamation, acts which infringe property or privacy, acts that cause disadvantage, or acts which carry the risk of amounting to these, carried out against our company, other users and/or third parties.
・Acts which prevent other users from using this service.
・Acts which interfere with the operations of this service (falsifying information, inputting or transmitting a virus, etc.)
・Pursuing profit through this service or in relation to this service, or preparing to do so, without our company's consent
・Other acts which our company deems inappropriate.

I. Modifications to the contents of this service, etc.

Our company can change, add, upgrade or improve this service in part or whole at any time without obtaining prior consent from users.

J. Suspension or termination of this service

In any of the following cases, our company will suspend or terminate this service provision in whole or part, without prior consent or notification from users.
If this occurs, then even if a user experiences disadvantage or damage, our company will bear no responsibility towards users.

・It becomes necessary to carry out urgent maintenance/inspection due to system troubles, etc.
・When the first (telecommunications company) and second (provider, etc.) type of telecommunications carrier do not provide service.
・Service cannot be provided due to fire, blackouts, natural disasters (earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis, etc.)
・Service cannot be provided due to man-made disasters (war, riots, mayhem, labor unrest, etc.)
・Other circumstances in which our company deems it necessary.

K. Deprecation of this service

Our company can deprecate this service, in whole or part, temporarily or permanently, at its convenience.
If this occurs, our company will notify users accordingly. Our company bears no responsibility to users in regard to the deprecation of this service.

L. Order cancellation

Our company can cancel orders from users at its convenience.

・When the selling prices on the homepage is incorrect.
・When it would be very difficult to procure the item (for example, if it is no longer produced).
・Other reasons similar to the above.

Our company pays close attention to the selling price of our various products, but it is possible that human error, etc. may lead to differences between the listed and actual selling prices. If this occurs, our company may unilaterally decide to cancel the order. In this case, our company will contact the customer to advise of the correct price and will confirm whether the customer wishes to re-order.

M. Disclaimer

This site’s URL address, various links, composition, contents & terms may be modified or deleted without prior notification.
Except in situations where it is legally mandated, our company bears no responsibility for any hardware and software trouble which may arise when viewing or using our website.
Our company always strives to provide meticulous and accurate information and content, but we do not guarantee that the information/content published on this site will always be accurate or up-to-date.
In regard to external sites which link to our website, our company bears no responsibility for their content, or any damage incurred through their use. Links to this site do not indicate any contractual relationship, or relationship of rights, with the link source.

N. Governing law & court of jurisdiction

These terms are to be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law. If the need for litigation arises between our company and a user (or users) to these terms and/or this service, then the court of jurisdiction over our company's head office location shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction of the first instance.