For Overseas Visitors

<Notes on Visiting our Shops>

Our actual stores have ready-made products available for immediate purchase. However, as our ring products, in particular, are basically sold as made to order in customers' finger size, the ready-made rings in stores are limited in size, number and metal type. (Available ring sizes vary by product, but sizes for many ring models are in Japan size 10 for women's and Japan size 16 for men's.)

  • <Method 1>Resize a ready-made ring

    ※<Method 1> is available for those who stay in Japan for 3 – 4 weeks or longer.

    1. 1. Purchase a ready-made ring at one of our shops in Japan and order resizing the ring.
    2. 2. Pick up the ring at the nearest shop in 3 – 4 weeks.
      ※Delivery time for resizing may change depending on the time of year. Moreover,
      depending the size requested, resizing may not be possible. Please contact us well in advance.
      ※If there is a reliable jewelry shop in your local area, it may be possible to resize a ring after you return to your country. Please consider this at your convenience.
      ※Please note that we are not responsible for re-sizing at other companies.
  • <Method 2> Order Online in Advance (made-to-order)

    <Method 2> is available for orders of NOT fully custom designed items. For orders of fully customized design items, please refer to here.
    ※<Method 2> assumes delivery to a hotel where you are staying in Japan. Please check with the hotel in advance whether it is possible to receive your luggage at the hotel.
    ※Online orders are NOT subject to tax free.

    1. 1. Please contact Web Sales Team well in advance of your travel to Japan, along with answers to the following questions:
      1. 1) Product URL
      2. 2) Material (Platinum, yellow gold/pink gold/white gold or silver)
      3. 3) Ring size in Japanese standard measurement (for ring orders)
      4. 4) Price range (for a ring with a centered diamond)
      5. 5) Preferred date of delivery
      6. 6) Name and address of the hotel to deliver your order, and the reservation name and date to stay in the same hotel
      7. 7) Any inquiries and/or requests
    2. 2. Place your order from a URL that our web sales team will email you.
    3. 3. Production
    4. 4. Your order will be delivered to the designated hotel in Japan.
      ※As it takes approximately 3 – 4 weeks to make a made-to-order product, it is necessary for you to order at least a month before you visit Japan.
      ※Please check with the hotel in advance regarding the handling of lost or damaged of the delivered goods after delivery is completed.
      ※Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss after the ordered product is delivered to the hotel.
      ※Online orders are basically not available for pick-up at our physical shops.
      ※Delivery time varies, depending on your order and the time of year. Please check the delivery time on each product webpage or contact Web Sales Team well in advance.

    ◆Inquire in advance for your order online. Contact Web Sales Team >>
    ◆Other inquiries. Contact >>

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<About Tax-Free>

[Subject to Tax Exemption]

When visiting and making purchases at one of the tax-free shops, the following customers can make purchases at tax-exempt prices:

  1. A person with the "permission for landing" seal of approval on his/her passport
  2. A person who meets any of the following:
    • ・A tourist from overseas (less than 6 months from the day of entering Japan)
    • ・A foreigner on a business trip to Japan (less than 6 months from the day of entering Japan)
    • ・A Japanese person working at an overseas branch of a private company and temporarily returning to Japan (less than 6 months for a temporary visit)

※Online orders are NOT subject to tax free.
※Online orders are basically not available for pick-up at our physical shops. If you prefer in-store pickup in order for purchasing another item in the shop, please contact Web Sales Team in advance.

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