For Overseas Visitors

<About Ring Sizes Displayed at K.UNO>

Regarding ring products, K.UNO basically offers custom-made rings. Therefore, the size, number, and materials for rings at our shops are limited.
(Women: Japan size 10; Men: Japan size 16 only)

If you would like to order a ring in your size, there are two possible methods.
Please consider these options depending on your travel days or timing to visit the shop.

  • <Method 1> Resizing (size adjustment for a ready-made ring)

    1. 1.Purchase a ready-made ring at the shop in Japan and order resizing for the ring.
    2. 2.Pick up the ring at the nearest shop in 3 – 4 weeks.
      ※<Method 1> is available for those who stay in Japan for 3 weeks or more.
  • <Method 2> Order Online in Advance (custom-made)

    1. 1. Before you travel to Japan, contact us well in advance with the answers to the following questions:
      1. 1) Product URL
      2. 2) Material (Platinum, yellow gold/pink gold/white gold or silver)
      3. 3) Ring size in Japanese standard measurement (for ring orders)
      4. 4) Price range
      5. 5) Preferred date and shop of pick-up
      6. 6) Any inquiries and/or requests
    2. 2. Place your order from a URL that our web sales team will email you.
    3. 3. Production
    4. 4. Pick up the ring at the reserved shop in Japan.
      ※As it takes approximately one and a half to four months to make a product, it is necessary for you to order one and a half to four months before you visit Japan.
      ※The production time will differ depending on the product. Please refer to the length of time for each product purchase page at our website.
      ※Please fill in "the possible receipt date" and "the shop to visit" in the message field when you place your order.

    ◆Inquire in advance for your order online. Contact Web Sales Team >>
    ◆Other inquiries. Contact >>

<About Tax-Free>

[Subject to Tax Exemption]

  1. A person with the "permission for landing" seal of approval on his/her passport
  2. A person who meets any of the following:
    • ・A tourist from overseas (less than 6 months from the day of entering Japan)
    • ・A foreigner on a business trip to Japan (less than 6 months from the day of entering Japan)
    • ・A Japanese person working at an overseas branch of a private company and temporarily returning to Japan (less than 6 months for a temporary visit)

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